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February 20, 2008

How To Get A Life Without Losing Your Job (Part 1)

How To Get A Life Without Losing Your Job

Have you given thought on how you can get more out of life instead of running the rat race? Are you exhausted from climbing the corporate ladder and making little headway? Have you seriously considered quitting to `find' yourself? If you do, this article will help you to get a life without losing your job.

I have grappled with these questions just like you. Through my own experience of setting up SeenThisSceneThat, I have uncovered hidden gems which have proven to be useful to help me get a life without losing sleep over my job. I have consciously followed these tips to ensure I get more out of my life without feeling stressed out by lifestyle demands and work stresses.

Here's what I recommend:

1) Make A Commitment
First, I made a commitment. I convinced myself that I really wanted to get something more out of life than my present lifestyle allowed. Excessive time in the office reduce my own free time to pursue other interests. My target is to raise the amount of time spent on personal pursuits than in the office. Don't get me wrong. I am still passionate about working with staff and clients. But as one matures, the priorities in life re-balance themselves.

2) Schedule Your Time
I learned to schedule my own activities after office hours, on weekends and on vacations. I protect this precious appointments for myself, my family and will resist requests or demands to postpone or cancel them. By putting it on record, it helps to keep discipline and motivate me to reach my objectives. This way, your life will better organised and there will be no excuse for missing my own appointments.

3) Talk To People
In the office, I talk to colleagues and clients. I would inquire about their off-duty activities and interests, and the reasons for them. My inquisitiveness extends to asking them details of vacations and their off-day plans. Most are forthcoming with their answers. In fact I find they are more impressed by my care and concern for their welfare. This reduces communication barriers and makes my work less mechanical. It's also a refreshing way to see how others live their lives and to discover more ideas to fill my own leisure time.

4) Enlist Support
Getting a group of people who share similar interests helps to keep motivation levels high. I involve my family and friends in the activities that I find meaningful. It's a wonderful and fulfilling way to spend time together. At times, we support each other with encouragement and exchange good ideas. Even when there's no news to exchange, our presence speaks a lot about our solidarity.

I shall pause here for you to digest these morsels of information. I shall continue on in the next post.

Take care and be happy.

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