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February 28, 2008

Spending Leisure Time At Singapore Airshow 2008

Singapore Airshow 2008: Spending Leisure Time

Swooping low across the sky over Changi Exhibition Centre four days ago, I witnessed an incredible aerial display of the Black Knights, Singapore’s elite squadron of F16 flying heroes. The crowd of enthusiastic spectators, who had waited since the Singapore Airshow 2008 opened at 9.30am, clapped and cheered as a thunderous aftershock raised hairs down my spine.

Aerospace Exhibits
Earlier that morning, my wife and I walked the outdoor display area to scrutinize static displays of commercial and military aircrafts from all over the world. Joining thousands of curious families with infants in prams to grandparents with walking aids, we peered at cockpits and cabins under the festive spell of the largest aerospace exhibition in Asia. In a cavernous hangar-like exhibition hall, rows of information booths and counters featuring engines, radar equipment, missiles and rockets jostled for attention. As a place of interest, there was certainly plenty to experience. Exhibits of worthy mention included the BAE Hawk Mk 128 supersonic jet, the Bell 412 EP helicopter, the Eurocopter EC 135 chopper, a C130 flight simulator, M16 rifle and other caliber weapons. The dominant feature on the ground was undoubtedly the Airbus A380, a massive sentinel guarding the entire airfield.

Why attend?
To spend leisure time at the Singapore Airshow 2008 was an easy decision for me. While I am not a die-hard aerospace hobbyist, the thrill of cozying up to these magnificent machines was an enticing proposition. Further more, a week of media hype on TV and the newspapers featuring this biennial event also played a role. In addition, I treated this exhibition as a place of interest worthy of exploration, like visiting a new art gallery. The aerial acrobatics was akin to a visit to a theatre for live performances. I believe in expanding one’s comfort zone to a wider cultural and artistic field.

What’s next?
Over in the sky, the Fighting Falcons drew amazing formations with their plumes of white smoke and played hide and seek as I squinted in the noonday sun. As the pilots and their magnificent flying machines took their leave from the sky, I could not stop wondering where they would head to in order to spend their leisure time, after another day at work.

You have a choice to determine what you want to enjoy. What do you do in your leisure time?

Take care and be happy.

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Great flight show this year. Great shot. Thanks for sharing.

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