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March 19, 2008

How's The Business Over At Changi Business Park?

How’s The Business Over At Changi Business Park?

When I heard of this place of interest in Singapore, I wondered whether it was a garden for businessmen to meet, or a business lounge for people to park their expensive wallets. With a name like that, what is going on over there?

Located between Changi Business Park Central 1 and 3, this elongated stretch of greenery holds a small pond with a long narrow extension. Shimmering metallic handrails line bridges that crossover the pond at regular intervals. For visitors to appreciate carps swimming in shallow waters, you can also walk along the perimeter of the pond. An amphitheatre sits idly in a corner of this small 2-hectare park. Scanty shade from sparse trees chase visitors to shelters few and far between during hot afternoons. Trees are limited and much shorter than the numerous commercial and industrial properties surrounding the park.

One notable distraction is the frequent sighting of airliners descending from the sky, as Singapore’s Changi International Airport Terminals 1,2 and 3 are a short hop away. They are presumably bringing foreign talents to perform transactions in the buildings nearby. The finger count per hour of supersonic jets seems to easily outnumber park visitors.
The users of this park are not men and women in business suits and ties, as one would expect, even in cooler evenings when it looks more enticing. There appears to be more taxi drivers and vehicle owners taking a short siesta in their cars with windows down and doors ajar. I see a group of men talking by the pond. I wonder if they are foreign talents, comparing notes on how to cope with the demands of a fast-paced cosmopolitan society that built this park.

Do you have any other parks to recommend?

Take care, be happy.

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