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March 06, 2008

Why Would Humans Want To Live Life To The Fullest?

Why Live Life To The Fullest?

There are many reasons why any human being would choose to live life to the fullest. From the moment of birth, life begins a schedule. We can choose to go on autopilot and live out a mechanical lifestyle just to get by. Or we can choose to maximize the experience in this life before an expiry date.

Here I have compiled several reasons why humans would want to live life to the fullest.

Humans are biologically curious. However during growth and development, external conditioning suppresses this innate function. Most people stop asking why before they stop school. Awaken the curiosity in you to start living a fuller life.

Humans can develop strange reactions when faced with crises. Example may include getting married, getting divorced, mid life crisis or premature retirement. Unusual tasks are performed to the surprise of family and friends. Most recover and move on from such extremes to achieve a healthy balance on life although a minority will be stuck in crisis mode.

Family, friends and relatives exert social pressures on all human beings in various guises and situations. As creatures needing attention and a sense of belonging, they may turn their lives upside down to please certain individuals.

Humans are embedded with batteries of emotion that require frequent top-up. Otherwise, when isolated, humans rapidly decline in function and suffer hysterical collapse. Examples of such batteries: feelings of goodness, sadness or madness.

Humans thrive in a state of well being when they can realize their full potential, cope with normal stresses of life, carry out a productive life and contribute to the community. If deprived of a chance to live life according to their desires, unwanted effects may complicate their life.

Physical considerations feature highly in the lives of humans. Knowledge of the need to expand energy through bodily movements in order to raise cardiovascular performances, flexibility, endurance and strength are well known. However in practice, beneficial physical activities like walking, jogging or tai chi are seldom followed through because of lame excuses and long suffering denial.

Humans possess considerable capacity to indulge in their interest. When fired up, their hobbies can consume their entire brain and their lives. They will spare no effort or time to pursue anything that interests them until the fire is doused. Some work to support their hobbies, while a lucky few make a living from their hobbies.

Humans are creatures prone to boredom. When faced with an unchanging routine, the creative part of the brain will cry out for something novel. This is commonly encountered when humans have to deal with repetitive routines day in day out.

I am sure you have your own reasons to want to discover more of life. Do you have your own reasons to live life a little fuller?

Take care and be happy.

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