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May 23, 2008

Eat With Your Family Day 2008

Eat With Your Family Day 2008

Today is Eat With Your Family Day 2008 and it is a prelude to the start of National Family Celebrations 2008. For 2008 on this day, fathers like myself are encouraged to (a) invite his family to a family meal, (b) cook at least one dish and (c) demonstrate creative fun at meals for everyone. The organizers (Centre For Fathering) want to challenge the myth that fathers can’t cook. They also believe that families that eat together stay together.

I will certainly attempt to Eat With My Family This Day, invite my family for a meal, cook one or two simple dishes and play funny games by asking riddles with questions like “Why my omelette tastes so funny har?” and “Why the rice is so soggy”? In the process, I will likely confirm the myth that at least one father can’t cook (except instant noodles) and hopefully everyone stays at the dining table to complete the meal that I plan to prepare.

Following that, the National Family Council will be holding a series of events and activities that will be held between 24 May and 28 June 2008. These National Family Celebrations 2008 events aim to celebrate the importance of the family. For details, you can check out the website. Click here.

With the June school holidays almost upon us, this period will be a good time for me to bring my children out more often to see more places and live more life.

I will keep this post short on Eat With Your Family Day 2008. Gotta get out my dusty handbook “Idiots Guide On How to Cook a Meal” for a quick refresher course.

Will you be home early to Eat With Your Family, today?

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