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May 06, 2008

Esplanade Bridge: Walk, Jog Or Run In Competitions And At Leisure

Esplanade Bridge: Walk, Jog Or Run In Competitions And At Leisure

History of Esplanade Bridge
Built in1997, this 270-metre-long Esplanade Bridge was used to relieve vehicular traffic loads on Connaught Drive and to connect the Marina Centre area where Suntec City sits, with Shenton Way. Today, pedestrians and sightseers can walk at leisure along either sides of the 70-metre wide Esplanade Bridge for a breathtaking view of the heart of Singapore’s civic district.

Architectural Structure of Esplanade Bridge
The construct of Esplanade Bridge has seven concrete arches that support two four-lane carriageways. Barges and small boats can travel under the bridge that starts near the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay at one end, to the Merlion Park at the other end.

Competitive Mass Walk/Jog On Esplanade Bridge
Besides vehicular usage on its carriageways, Esplanade Bridge is arguably the most popular bridge for mass participation, competitions and similar activities. The Standard Chartered Marathon saw 40,000 participants in 2007. The Singapore Bay Run (also known as the Sheares Bridge Run / Army Half Marathon) had an estimated 70,000 runners crossing the Esplanade Bridge last year.

Enjoy The Sights
As you make your way across the Esplanade Bridge facing the waters of Marina Bay, your eyes will be exposed to the vast expanse of sky, sea and urban enclave clinging along the Singapore River mouth. Before you, the site where the future Sands Marina Bay Integrated Resort and Casino will be built was once reclaimed land. Behind this Integrated Resort, the Benjamin Sheares Bridge rises above the bay past the Singapore Flyer. All these sites will form part of the embankment of the future freshwater Marina Bay Reservoir.

Under the Esplanade Bridge, you can take a peep at the underbelly of this bridge. The arch support rising from the waters can e discerned as you traverse parts of the Merlion Park. For more details about the Merlion Park that I wrote in an earlier post on Seen This Scene That, click this link.

On the opposite side of the Esplanade Bridge, the concrete jungle of the Central Business
District will block out part of Singapore’s sky. While the daylight views of the city are commonplace sights like those in other highly urbanized capitals of the world, the night scene is a different kettle of fish. After your competitive run, I would recommend that you return in the evening. The visual feast of the night-lit Fullerton Hotel and its surrounding buildings will amply reward your efforts to add more spice to your after hours.

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