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May 21, 2008

Red Fire Hydrant In Tuas South Singapore

Red Fire Hydrant In Tuas South, Singapore

A red fire hydrant stands tall in Tuas South at the junction of Tuas South Avenue 14 and Tuas South Avenue 7. Around this fire hydrant, not a single building can be seen nearby. The vehicle-less streets and people-less pavements appear refreshingly offbeat. For someone like me who is used to perpetual street crowds and traffic jams, the unusual scene is as good as the seemingly unpolluted air that I breathe while standing beside the red fire hydrant in Tuas South.

Is the presence of a red fire hydrant in the middle of nowhere in Tuas South a sign of the efficient apparatus that keeps Singapore Inc humming along? Is this red fire hydrant a visible expression of how our cosmopolitan society prepares for the worst-case scenario even as it builds a flourishing metropolis from the seabed with zero natural resources?

As you contemplate its significance, take a moment to enjoy the sight of a lonely red fire hydrant in a deserted place like Tuas South, before pedestrian crowds and vehicular traffic overwhelm it in an unending quest for progress and prosperity.

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