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May 26, 2008

Southern Ridges Singapore: Canopy Walk Near Kent Ridge Park

Southern Ridges Singapore: Canopy Walk Near Kent Ridge Park

The Canopy Walk, a part of the Southern Ridges of Singapore, is located at the end of Pepys Road near the Reflections At Bukit Chandu heritage museum at Kent Ridge Park. The Canopy Walk consists of a raised walkway made of wooden materials that stretches 300 metres through a secondary forest and is elevated 16 metres at the center. It connects Singapore’s Kent Ridge Park on the west to the new Hort Park on the east.

I arrived at the 25-lot carpark C along Pepys Road and made my way through the property of the Reflections At Bukit Chandu to the start point. As expected, the weekend crowd of Singapore was already in action at around mid-morning.

The Canopy Walk of the Southern Ridges engaged visitors with its close-up views of a secondary forest’s canopy. Through rather narrow walkways that cut across tall trees like the Tembusu and rubber tree, one could reach out to touch the leaves and tree trunks at the top of the forest. Along the Canopy Walk were large plaques detailing the natural species of trees and plants in this forest. Tiup Tiup, Simpor Air, Tembusu and Rubber Wood were some of the native species described for visitors to the Canopy Walk to learn. My children were particularly thrilled at the sight of Staghorn Ferns that they recognized and learnt in school.
The National Park Board’s website on the Southern Ridges’ Canopy Walk mentioned that a rich wildlife could be found at the Canopy Walk, such as squirrels, sunbirds, doves, lizards and white-crested laughing thrushes. But I did not catch a glimpse of them during this walk. I guessed with the din raised by a noisy crowd along the walk-way, native wildlife at Canopy Walk would have preferred to seek privacy elsewhere. Fortunately a palm-sized spider sun-tanning on its huge web a few metres away from my nose ignored curious visitors who ogled at its curves without shame.

There were park benches provided along scenic sections of the Canopy Walk to allow visitors to soak in the wide spaces of greenery and sky. I would probably return to these benches on a quieter and cooler month and really feel at peace with nature at the Southern Ridges’ Canopy Walk.

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yg said...

i was there on friday and i did see three white-crested laughing thrushes and some squirrels, including a baby one, at the look-out point at kent ridge.

Seen This Scene That said...

hi yg, thanks for confirming that wildlife exists there. i shall keep a look out for them on my next visit.

Manoj said...

Wow! You seem to have seen so much more. Anyway one more joining your club as a Southern Ridges walker.

I have left some notes and photos at http://masug.blogspot.com

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Manoj, welcome to Seen This Scene That and thanks for the comment. Good luck to your walking adventure in England.

ida said...

hi all,

we are visiting singapore...would like to know if you guys what do u think about TREE TOP WALK vs HILL TOP WALK?? which one is much worthy to go??



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