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June 26, 2008

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Other than privately owned children’s playgrounds in condominiums and childcare centres, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens must stand out as the only major public children’s playground to possess its own entrance gate and a plethora of security personnel. Beyond its high-security look-alike set-up with its own perimeter fence guarded by a turnstile, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens located off Bukit Timah Road is Asia’s first children’s Garden and a fun place to learn about life sciences.

With a wonderful collection of fun playthings with the right amount of educational fun, children will generate memorable fun moments during a visit to the Singapore Botanic Garden’s Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. On an area map of this place in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is divided into many sections. Click here for a map of Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. There are attractions like the Waterplay Area, Plants Recycle Area, the Magic of Photosynthesis and the Potting Garden that children will enjoy.

Of all these attractions, the Tree House must rank as the most beloved item in our family. Nestled among the branches and leaves of a tall tree, Jacob Ballas Garden’s most distinguished tree house is a dream-come-true for children who have never laid eyes on one. My wife enjoyed her time on the sturdy wooden planks too, on the pretext of escorting our children up the tree house. Two tunnel slides, painted bright red, allow kids to vroom down from three-storeys high like a soon-to-appear Singapore Grand Prix Formula One (F1) racer. Adults may also use the slides without shame (to test the slides before the kids take their turns) as the construction appears as tough as it looks.

The other must-try item is the Suspension Bridge made of rope and wood that straddles across a small pond. This miniature suspension bridge will test children’s sense of balance as they attempt to walk across a wobbly swinging bridge.

The Kids A-Mazing Play area, made of plant hedges, is another favourite play zone for my kids at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Getting lost and chasing voices around a maze seems like a fun activity no kid can run away from. The lesson on photosynthesis comes alive in another section of this Singapore Botanic Garden enclave where children get to learn how sunlight, carbon dioxide and water is turned into nutrients for plants. The traditional Sandy Pit where children can get their hands dirty is a sure-fire crowd puller.

Washing facilities are top notch at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and a small café on site serves beverages and convenience food with tables for a family meal. A carpark is situated just outside the entrance to the Children's Garden.

This garden is definitely highly recommended for families with children.

Jacob Ballas Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • Opening Hours = 8 am to 7 pm. Closed on Mondays.
  • Only children less than 12 years old allowed.
  • Adults must accompany all children.
  • Npark's SBG website
  • Admission free
Read more, see maps of Botanic Garden.

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Stardust said...

Uh huh, I can see why your family likes the tree house. =) I'm glad for your family for all the fun-filled times.

Admin said...

If any reader intends to visit, reach there before 6.30pm as they stop admitting kids after that.

yg said...

i think there are two times each day when they conduct a tour around the children's garden; these are the times when unaccompanied adults can be allowed in.
alternatively, one can 'borrow' children to gain entry into the place. that was how i managed to visit the jacob ballas garden.

Admin said...

You are right. For adults not accompanied by children, viewing sessions are at 9.00am or 4.00pm daily except Mondays. (timings subject to changes). This garden playground caters to kids, more than adults.

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