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June 23, 2008

Prospect Of Blowing The Final Whistle On The National Stadium

Prospect Of Blowing The Final Whistle On The National Stadium

This was the scene that greeted me during the SEAP (South East Asian Peninsular) games in September of 1973 when I was first introduced to the brand new National Stadium in Kallang. Instead of emptiness on the stairs and galleries now at the National Stadium, a festive mass of moving bodies was gathered that day. At that time, excitement at the National Stadium was palpable for a young school boy like me on an outing with his father, visiting one of the greatest events on South East Asia's sporting calendar.

Looking back, not much memory about the specific events nor the names of individual sports participants at the National Stadium could be traced. But one detail I could retrieve was the impression of multiple tall steps around and within the National Stadium. I remember having to climb them to get to my seat inside the National Stadium's impressive spectator stands.

In due time, this scene of the National Stadium will be gone forever. A new SportsHub has been planned to assume national duties. Already performing overtime with repeated delays on blowing the final whistle on its own game, the largest stadium in Singapore has seen its share of Singapore's sports and cultural history.

In the midst of this island's fast-paced progress, I sometimes look for familiar places like the National Stadium to steady myself against the relentless tide of change. It has also risen to mind that I start to hanker for something more when faced with the prospect of losing it.
I wonder if my readers have similar experiences?

See old places. Relive life.

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PanzerGrenadier said...

I haven't visited the National Stadium in ages.. Not much of a Singapore football supporter..haha...

Sad to see our landmarks disappearing one by one.

Be well and prosper.

Seen This Scene That said...

Welcome again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, panzergrenadier.

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