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June 09, 2008

Riverside Greenery At Anchorvale Street Bridge, Sengkang Singapore

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Riverside Greenery At Anchorvale Street Bridge, Sengkang, Singapore

This recent photograph was taken on Anchorvale Street Bridge in Singapore’s Sengkang estate as it crosses Sungei Punggol. In the picture above, I tried to capture the sense of natural spaces dwarfing concrete places at Anchorvale in Sengkang. The riverside greenery towards Lorong Buangkok on the south side of the bridge, in my opinion, is better than the other side facing the Tampines Expressway.

The Anchorvale Street Bridge is used for pedestrian and vehicular crossing with a LRT track running above it. Cyclists, joggers, drivers and opportunistic passers-by like me have been spotted using this bridge for different agendas. Those with two wheels or two feet would line up at the extreme lanes that double up as foot and bicycle pathways, while four-wheel owners would take to the four carriageways near the road divider.

Seats are available at the walkways for couples to cuddle or for tired joggers to catch their breaths in sight of river views. I have seen anglers on fishing assignments reel in an afternoon catch while cyclists would stop to admire the scenery. I think passengers in LRT trains get the best views as they can check out the horizon on either side of the bridge from the elevated position of the train track, although I have yet to test out my theory.

The design of the bridge seems to be a fuss-free functional one with little attempt to impress users. River scenery and lots of greenery that pleasure the heart go the distance to compensate for a bridge long on utility and short on aesthetics.

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