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July 28, 2008

Singapore Orchid Show 2008

Singapore Orchid Show 2008

above: Singapore Orchid Show exhibits

For lovers of all things related to Orchids, the Singapore Orchid Show 2008 is a must-see exhibition that true-blue hobbyists should not miss. For others like my family of five who do not possess above-average affinity to Orchids, the Singapore Orchid Show is still a fun learning excursion.

Within the cavernous Level 4 hall of Suntec City Convention Centre are many hundreds of Orchids that enthusiasts from Singapore and around the world have assembled to showcase their pride and joy. The Singapore Orchid Show starts on 25 July 2008 and ends on 1 August 2008.

I visited the Singapore Orchid Show 2008 on the opening day evening with my family in tow. Within this huge Suntec City Convention Centre exhibition hall was a labyrinth of stalls, stage, showcase structures and even a giant cage. Besides the Singapore Orchid Show, there were exhibits with themes ranging from Garden Fiesta, Vibrant Marketplace and Clarins Learning Garden.

At the Garden Fiesta, educational, recreational and entertainment activities awaited families, serious gardeners and hobbyists. We saw fresh local vegetables and spices in full bloom (like spinach, kang kong, mint and even corn plants) for visitors to learn about them. These vegetables and spices stood tall in boxed containers with leaves and roots, unlike those sanitized versions sold in wet markets.

The Vibrant MarketPlace was a collection of stalls minded by traders who were offering a wide array of plants, gardening and landscape products and services, and arts & craft under the same roof.

I had trouble looking for the Clarins Learning Garden that was parked in a far corner to the right of the entrance just behind a ceremonial stage. I wanted to bring my children here to learn about eco-living and how to reduce their carbon footprint on this planet.

Although no official guides were around to hand out games at the time of our visit, we still managed to learn a little. Posters hung across the Clarins Learning Garden explained in simple terms the concepts and the details of eco-living. Slogans like reuse, reduce and recycle were prominently highlighted.

As I am not a hobbyist specializing in Orchids, the complex scientific names of Orchids were a bunch of letters that held little meaning to me. Yet the ability to enjoy colourful flowers and delightful floral arrangements is a gut-level skill that visitors to the Singapore Orchid Show, regardless of age or knowledge, should possess.

Free your mind from any preconceived ideas with regards to how Orchids should look like and you’ll be amazed at the impressive range at Singapore Orchid Show 2008. Keep an open mind to better appreciate the beauty of nature’s creation (with the help of enthusiastic Orchid cultivators). Let your heart’s inner eye choose those Orchids and flowers that appeal and savour the experience like we did at the Singapore Orchid Show.

A visit to the Singapore Orchid Show, as part of the Singapore Garden Festival, is a pleasant yet educational way for a family with kids to spend an otherwise routine evening, away from the rigors of homework, revision and learning ‘spelling’.

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Stardust said...

The show ends on 1st Aug? I won't be able to make it then... sob.

You're certainly right about admiring the flowers, even though their big names don't seem to relate their beauty anyway. =) Thanks for sharing this.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust, your orchids look better than some of the prize-winning flowers at the show. Have you considered participating at the next Orchid show?

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