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August 27, 2008

Free Fruits In Singapore: Yishun Park

Jackfruits at Yishun Park

Free Fruits In Singapore: Yishun Park

If you wander around Yishun Park in Singapore, you will notice tropical fruits are available free of charge during the fruiting season. I have seen durian fruits, rambutan fruits and jack-fruits hanging on branches at Yishun Park. Three roads bound this park in northern Singapore: Yishun Central, Yishun Ring Road and Yishun Avenue 4.

Nparks does not mind if park visitors pick up fruits that have dropped from the branches. However, under the Trees and Parks Act of Singapore, there are penalties if the fruit trees in public parks like Yishun Park are damaged in the fruit collecting process.

While I started my visit to Yishun Park with family with the intent to enjoy a stroll and the playground facilities, I was soon distracted by other visitors who were snooping around fruit trees with an eye to collect a free harvest of ripe fruits.

From my observations of the various free fruits on offer, the most difficult to lay hands on at Yishun Park are the durians. Firstly, durian trees at Yishun Park, probably planted many years ago, now reach heights that are too high for a safe climb. Secondly, for every durian tree that is ripe with fruits, there is always a ‘bodyguard’ or two hanging around them at most times in Yishun Park.

I saw elderly ladies and gentlemen sitting on benches of Yishun Park waiting patiently to chase after the fallen durian fruits. After friendly chats, we ascertained that at least one of these visitors had admitted that she was indeed waiting for the ripe durians to fall. For the record, not all durians drop from their high perches after sundown according to this freelance durian collector we spoke to.

Free Fruits are Dangerous at Yishun Park

Waiting for a ripe durian to fall at Yishun Park can be a risky venture. Warning signs are erected to instill fear of head injury due to falling durians. Moreover, the law of gravity can be painfully and acutely experienced as the fruits start their descent from a truly great height. The thick forest canopy at Yishun Park also hides the location of sneaky durians.

I was fortunate on this visit not to be hit by falling fruits. In fact I had an opportunity to catch sight of a harvest of free fruits in action.

Free Falling Rambutan Fruits at Yishun Park

Can you see this guy hanging high up in the branches while his friend scoops up the fallen rambutan fruits? The lady cyclist using Yishun Park as a shortcut couldn’t stop herself from picking up some of the fruits that had accidentally fallen into her path.

Free Fruits At Yishun Park

Neither could we.

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Unknown said...

interesting to note on the 'bodyguards'! haha. i didnt know singapore has durians.. i may just visit here someday :)

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