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September 04, 2008

Boardwalk Places To See Sunsets In Singapore

Photo: Sunset At Kelong Walk In Changi Point Boardwalk

Boardwalk Places To See Sunsets In Singapore

Changi Point Boardwalk: Sunset Walk, Kelong Walk, Cliff Walk, Sailing Point Walk

The Changi Point Boardwalk along the eastern coastal end of Changi comprises a series of connected boardwalks that have names that reflect scenes around the area. The four segments of Changi Point Boardwalk are labeled Sunset Walk, Kelong Walk, Cliff Walk and Sailing Point Walk. You can access the Changi Point Boardwalk in two ways: by Cranwell Road and by Netheravon Road after Changi Village Road.

If you enter the Changi Point Boardwalk from Cranwell Road, a map of the area awaits your arrival. Walk past the Changi Beach Club to get to the junction of the Kelong Walk and Cliff Walk.

My favourite part of the Changi Point Boardwalk is the curved stretch at the Kelong Walk. While this part of the boardwalk is named the “Kelong Walk” because of the stilts and poles rising out of the water, I feel it should be renamed the Sunset Walk as it is the best place to watch a sunset, rather than further along the bend at Sunset Walk.

The walking path along the Kelong Walk allows visitors to “stand” above seawater without getting your toes wet. If you time your arrival well, you may catch a breathtaking sunset as the orange bob in the horizon dips gently into the glistening sea. Listen to the seawater splash against the wooden poles while birds sit atop these skinny poles unperturbed. On the landward view, be mesmerized by the reflection of sun off the windows and beaches of the Changi Beach Club.

Stroll across the Kelong Walk to the end of the bend and you will reach the Sunset Walk where large boulders line up at the terminal end. A staircase near the Changi Beach Club provides access to a walk along the beaches of Changi during low tide. Stones and rocks populate the beach beneath the Sunset Walk boardwalk, so proper footwear should be worn at all times.

Re-trace steps back to the Kelong Walk and enter the Cliff Walk. While the word “cliff” may conjure images of steep slopes, be assured that the boardwalk along the “cliff” is rather tame. There are no dramatic “cliff hangers” and much of the view at the Cliff Walk has been blocked by the trees and foliage. Perhaps the only dramatic part would be a series of turns in the boardwalk staircase that allows a view of the sea. I chanced upon a couple in wedding gown and suit as they posed for photographs at this “cliff hanger”.

Photo: Changi Point Boardwalk at Sailing Point Walk

Beyond the Cliff Walk is an open stretch along the Sailing Point Walk. There are breaks in the boardwalk where visitors may walk right into the sea if you pay too much attention on the sea view instead of the boardwalk. The Changi Sailing Club sits next to this stretch of boardwalk where you can see the Changi Sailing Club members swimming in their private outdoor pool.

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PanzerGrenadier said...

Hi seenthisscenethat

I would love to visit Changi broadwalk soon as I've heard so much about it but have not had the opportunity to drive my family down there.

Thanks for sharing on great places of interest right at our doorstep in Singapore!

Admin said...

Thanks for reading my posts, Panzergrenadier. Do enjoy your trip to Changi!

yg said...

it is not like you can catch the sunset every day. out of my five visits, i have watched the sun set only once. but, it was worth it.
i like your picture of the sunset viewed from the kelong walk.

Kim said...

Your site is a great find. I'm looking forward to exploring it futher and finding more "off the beaten path" things to do in Singapore :)

Admin said...

Hi Kim, thanks for your encouragement. Hope you find something useful here.

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