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September 30, 2008

Kids' Day Out: Singapore Biennale Treasure Hunt For White Rabbits

Kids’ Day Out: Singapore Biennale Treasure Hunt for White Rabbits

Photo: Treasure hunt clues may be found in South Beach Development exhibits like this one on Kids Day Out.

Parents may be wary of bringing young children to the Singapore Biennale 2008, the nation’s largest contemporary visual art exhibition. With a wide range of provocative art works by renowned visual artists from all over the world on show, parents may rightly believe that the Singapore Biennale’s art pieces are too esoteric or abstract for children to appreciate.

To handle this concern, the Singapore Biennale has rolled out a Kids’ Day Out programme just for these parents and their children. This excellent opportunity will offer families with kids to appreciate new art forms, enjoy fun games and learn about the trendiest global talents in the field of visual art. Hopefully at the end of this Kids' Day Out programme, parents' misconceptions about the Singapore Biennale may be corrected.

On 4 October 2008 from 11am to 4pm, a family-friendly Treasure Hunt for white rabbits with a host of Kids’ Day Out activities have been planned at South Beach Development, one of three venues for the Singapore Biennale 2008.

Kids get free entry on Kids’ Day Out into the Singapore Biennale exhibition site while the $10 admission fees apply for accompanying adults. There will be free lessons on windmill making and balloon sculpting for all kids. Popcorn, candy floss and Anderson’s ice-cream will be handled out free to kids only on Kids’ Day Out.

In the Singapore Biennale treasure hunt for white rabbits, happy families on a day out with their kids will explore the buildings and spaces at South Beach Development looking for clues to solve an on-the-spot puzzle game.

Once done, drop your answer sheets into the ballot box, leave the Kids Day Out programme and unwind at home or proceed to the other two venues of the Singapore Biennale. Winners of the treasure hunt will be drawn from correctly answered entries and announced later on the Singapore Biennale website.

For a special Kids Day Out for parents and their children, this Singapore Biennale event is certainly worth considering.

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