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September 19, 2008

Restaurants In Singapore Parks

Restaurants In Singapore Parks
Restaurants are available in the larger parks, beaches and gardens of Singapore. Restaurants serve multiple functions in such parks and attract park visitors for multiple reasons.

Most restaurants serve great food and the best drinks in the parks. They do so in pleasant green surroundings in our parks.

Restaurants provide chairs and benches for tired legs to rest. Most park visitors gravitate to restaurants near meal times or at the end of a long day spent at the parks.

Restaurants in Singapore parks with washroom facilities allow visitors to freshen up and to serve as one-stop centres for urgent relief of bodily fluids.

Restaurants can provide shade and shelter from sun and rain. They allow visitors to park themselves for temporary relief from the elements (with purchase of food or drinks) during walks inthe parks.

Restaurants in parks may also serve as meeting points, for groups of friends, families and others to identify the correct location in large parks.

Restaurants sometimes serve as venues for social receptions like weddings or parties. These may be pretty elaborate or as simple as the hosts permits in the natural setting of parks.

Too many restaurants, however, may tarnish the image and spoil the ambience of our parks. Instead of focussing on the natural greenery, large spaces and open skies, a park that is littered with restaurants would turn into unbecoming mall-like eating zones.

Should overwhelming groups of restaurants stay in our parks or the halls of shopping malls? Perhaps the next time you go to the park for a walk, beware of your next step - "foot paths" or "food paths".

Do you prefer to have more restaurants and eating places in our parks?

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yg said...

there is a nice halal restaurant at choa chu kang park. i think there is also one at ponggol park. there is the olive restaurant at labrador nature reserve.

i suppose if it remains in the background and does not become the main attraction of the park, it should be okay.

yg said...

just visited admiralty park again. finally, they have taking action against those who parked their cars there the whole day. on my previous visit, i could not find a parking space even though there were only a handful of visitors at the park.

found out that a restaurant is coming up at the park. it will be managed by the same group that has a restaurant at clementi woods park.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi yg, I usually visit restaurants because of the good food, great ambience or both. Service also matters. Will check out these restuarants when an opportunity arrives.

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