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October 14, 2008

Free Family-Friendly Things To Do In A Recession

Free Family-Friendly Things To Do In A Recession

The unthinkable nine-letter word has officially arrived. Singapore has slipped into recession under the worldwide financial turmoil. Instead of global warming, local newspapers have published prominent economists’ discourse on the technical recession with gloomy warnings. While some may quibble over the semantics – technical versus real-world recession, the undertone behind the two are hardly distinct for individuals like me.

What can a blogger, living on an island and trying to live more life, do in a recession? There are many recession-proof family-friendly things to do that will bring smiles. Today I shall only outline a few. Other resource-rich bloggers can surely think of better family-friendly to-do lists.

List of Free Things To Do In A Recession

1. Play games at home
While most individuals and families would vegetate in front of the TV at home as a form of family activity, I recommend that families play games together for some family bonding instead. Dig out old games from dusty corners of your flat but do not squeeze them out of electronic games nor from the computer. Traditional games of the past like Scrabble, Monopoly, card games like Happy Family and paper / pen games like Tic-Tac-Toe have entertained families for generations. They could continue to provide free family-friendly things to do in a recession.

2. Have fun at neighbourhood playgrounds
These commonplace neighbourhood playgrounds are accessible and free. Bring the kids for hours of fun and family entertainment. Opened 24-hours a day, playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes to suit different tastes. Many new-generation playgrounds look more like mini-amusement parks that should remain popular during any recession.

3. Visit public library with family
It’s cool to be in a library these days. Cool because of the low temperatures to beat the heat of our equatorial climate. Cool because you get to read and learn new things. Cool because there are new gizmos like PC with internet access, music CDs and videos to use. Cool because entry is free. Cool because of plush sofas and comfortable seats. Definitely cool as a free family-friendly thing to do in a recession.
* National Library website
* Public Library website

4. Picnic at a park
There are wonderful parks, beautiful gardens and haze-free spaces in Singapore that are free and family-friendly. Take a look around my site on these parks and discover for yourself the many parks that you can go for a picnic and the things you can see at these parks during a recession.

5. Activities at the beach
At the public beaches in Singapore like the East Coast Park beach or Sembawang beach, sandcastle building is just one of the many free activities to do. Family bonding can also occur when you walk, jog, cycle or roller-skate using your own equipment. Just sitting by the beach to watch waves lick the shore or to listen to the songs of the wind can be a relaxing way to calm your thoughts amid these financial turbulence.

6. Volunteer for charity
Add a new dimension to life by stepping up as a volunteer for charity. Look for an area that sparks your interest and gives meaning to you. Start on a small scale and a short term commitment to see if it’s suitable. Helping charities need not imply giving cash all the time. Your contribution of time, effort and ideas can mean a lot to the less fortunate, especially in a recession.
* National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
* Children’s Charities Association

7. Learn new things on nature trails
Inside nature parks like Sungi Buloh Wetland Reserve, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, Labrador Nature Reserve are many beautiful fauna and flora that few see and even fewer treasure. But thanks to the efforts of organizations and individual volunteers, families with children get the opportunity to appreciate these precious natural resources. You can learn more about nature trails with free guided tours at Wild Singapore Happenings, Singapore Reefs, Naked Hermit Crabs and Nparks to name a few.

* WildSingaporeHappenings Free Guide website
* Singapore Reefs Guided Walks website
* Chek Jawa Boardwalk with NakedHermitCrabs website
* Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve website
* Nparks website

8. Visit museums during free opening hours
Museums like the National Museum of Singapore, Peranakan Museum and Singapore Art Museum are a treasure-trove of artefacts that enlighten us and enhance the quality of our lives. Most museums now offer family-friendly services and special activities for children and their parents. While museums charge nominal sums for entry, there are special periods when museums open their doors free of charge to the public. Seize these windows of opportunity to bring the entire family for a free visit.

* National Museum Living Galleries Free from 6pm to 9pm daily.
* Peranakan Museum Free on Fridays 7pm-9pm
* Singapore Art Museum Free on weekdays 12pm to 2pm, Fridays 6pm to 9pm

If you have more ideas to add, feel free to comment.

See more places, live more life.

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