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October 16, 2008

The Swing

The Swing

This high-tech swing will never be seen in any respectable neighbourhood playground. It was designed as an exhibit in a stuffy room at South Beach Development. During the Singapore Biennale that runs until 16 November 2008, visitors can get cozy with this swing. A warning is warranted: stare too long and you may succumb to its vertigo-inducing effect.

Constructed of neon glass tubing with light-emitting diodes, this one-of-a-kind swing can even rock to-and-fro without being manually pushed. A hidden mechanical arm pushes this Singapore Biennale swing the way an old pendulum of a grandfather clock does. Peer hard and you can imagine a ghostly figure sitting on this hot swing. No human will ever get to sit on it for fear of causing breakage.

Conceived by artist Su-Mei Tsu, born 1973 and bred in Luxembourg, who is a trained classical cellist with strong musical family background, she examines the “cultural conflict between East and West” in her Swing, 2007 sculpture. According to her write-up in the Singapore Biennale guide book, she also examines how that conflict is “reflected in individual freedom, social norms and the notion of others and one’s Self.”

Children may be awed by the swing but adults should ensure their kids do not jump on it.

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