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November 24, 2008

Life In A Fish Bowl

Life In A Fish Bowl

This Singapore Science Centre exhibit is called 'Life In A Fish Bowl'.

Instead of seeing fishes swim in a glass bowl with the usual aquarium decor, I see fishes swirling around in a spherical room that is filled with cozy trappings of someone's home: a fireplace, sofa, round table, wardrobe cupboard and tiled flooring. There is a cat, presumably a pet, resting inside this room.

This exhibit is called a Termesphere. If you close an eye and observe the Termesphere rotate, you will note some interesting effects. The Singapore Science Centre information board explains that this illusion is created by fitting a six point perspective on a sphere.

Besides teaching science with this exhibit, I wonder if there is a deeper comment. Are the fishes representative of mankind? Are we behaving like these fishes, keeping routine within our own boundaries?

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