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November 03, 2008

Prohibited Fishing Spot In Singapore: Venus Loop

Prohibited Fishing Spot In Singapore: Venus Loop

I discovered a fishing spot in Singapore during my hike to MacRitchie Reservoir's Tree Top Walk. At the Venus Loop track off Venus carpark at Venus Drive, there is a series of streams filled with fishes that look inviting as a fishing spot.

Photo: Prohibited Fishing Spot has dirt track.

This fishing spot is about a hundred metres from the Venus Drive carpark. A dirt track runs alongside this good-for-fishing stream that has shady canopy to keep the mid-day heat away. If you visit after the rains, the dirt track can stain footwear with plenty of mud.

Photo: Prohibited fishing spot with clear water.

The river / stream contains mainly small longkang type of fishes that remind me of old longkangs of the past. Their habitat is a natural, clear water space that meanders through the ground without concrete padding. This is unlike the well-built drainage systems or canals that most people have grown accustomed to in the rivers of Singapore.

Photo: Spot this sign that prohibits fishing at Venus Loop.

However, this apparently good fishing spot has a prominent sign that disallows fishing. Abusers are warned that there is a $200 fine by National Parks Board if they get caught at this spot fishing or feeding fishes in the natural riverine system.

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Ivan said...

I've been an occasional reader of your blog, and I have to commend you on your efforts to document all the wonderful places to visit here in Singapore. Whoever said that there was nothing to do here?

However, I feel that this post in particular might give readers the wrong impression, especially since you mentioned that this site appears to be a good fishing spot.

The stream is likely to be a habitat for native species of fish, many of which are endangered due to loss of habitat as well as competition from non-native fish such as guppies and tilapia. This is probably one of the reasons why there is a sign prohibiting fishing.

I think it would be better if you had not revealed the location of the site, since it is possible that there might be readers who will not heed the 'No Fishing' signs. There are unscrupulous and irresponsible individuals who do look out for blog posts like these, and it would be a shame if the fish and other wildlife that live in the stream end up becoming even more severely threatened due to poaching.

Jinghui said...

When I was in my teens, we loved to hike around inside such areas, wade around the streams, catch fish (oops!) .....

I should visit such wonderful places again, for memories sake ......

Thanks for sharing, brought back childhood memories.....

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Ivan, thank you for your keen interest in my blog.

I note your concern about revealing the location to potential poachers. I agree with you that poaching cannot be condoned.

To protect such public spots against damage in the long term by hiding them from public knowledge is not a permanent solution. There are other conservation methods like public education, legal protection, etc that are available. I would certainly urge all readers to be vigilant of those visitors who do not heed the no-fishing rule.

I hope your insightful comments can reach out to more readers on this issue.

Let me assure all my readers that I am law-abiding and that I write responsibly on publicly accessible places of interest that I am passionate about.

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