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December 12, 2008

Newest Water Playground In Singapore

Newest Water Playground In Singapore

With the opening of the Marina Barrage, the Water Playground at Marina Barrage has to be the newest children’s playground in Singapore.

Being the newest children’s playground, the Water Playground at Marina Barrage has presented itself as the newest venue that I can bring my kids for some water activity and playground fun.

This water playground does not have fancy water tunnels to slide down. Neither does it have rolling waves in a pool created by machines to swim in. Yet the Marina Barrage Water Playground has plenty of evidence to show me that it will light up any child’s face.

It has curtains of water flowing from walls; sprays of water jets forming an arch; and rhythmic spouts of water that shoot straight up into the sky. There is an assortment of water fountains that will amaze and delight visitors to the Marina Barrage Water Playground.

Several kids jumped into the water fountain to bathe themselves. Other kids were busy trying to catch sprays of water with toy cups and plastic pails. Others ran across the fountain pond dodging water sprays along the way.

Image: Waterfall at Marina Barrage Water Playground.

Eager parents were also seen frolicking around the wet pools, in the guise of helping their little ones to navigate around the fountain playground. Most adults simply sat or stood around the fountains to admire the rhythmic dance of water fountains as they kept one eye on their young family members. Some families came prepared with a picnic spread on mattresses laid beside the fountain.

With nightfall, the Water Playground mesmerized with colourful lights. Dancing columns of water with its ever-changing colours offered a simple spectacle, compared to Sentosa Island’s elaborate water fountain display.

Image: Colourful Water Fountain At Marina Barrage Playground.

During play at Marina Barrage’s Water Playground, caution is warranted. The water fountain may pose a hazard for kids who run on these wet surfaces. I saw a child slip and fall but fortunately sustained nothing more serious than a sore buttock and bruised ego.

This public water-themed children’s playground is a rare find in Singapore’s city centre. The use of space at the Marina Barrage to cater to children is an excellent way to attract kids (and their families) to enjoy themselves. At the same time, such visits can present an opportunity for the entire family to learn more about the Marina Barrage.

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Muhd Imran said...

The photos are awesome. Nice angles too!

I've been there but were too many people then. It was tough to get a spot or good shot without someone coming right in front of the camera.

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