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December 31, 2008

A Place To Watch The Sun Set

A Place To Watch The Sun Set

It doesn’t matter
Which beach I linger,
Or place I’ve sat
To catch the sunset.

When I am at the beach, my mind is relaxed.
In this state, my focus is set
To enjoy the show around the water line
Preferably without rain but plenty of shine.

To witness this bright eye
Inch across the horizontal line:
Different scenes, same act.
Sometimes dramatic, sometimes flat.

I never know what to expect.
I never really know how to react.
Watching the sun set
Is a joy that has no regret.

Tomorrow will be a new year.
I hope it's better than this one
With good tidings and lots of cheer,
For everyone, to come.

- Seen This Scene That

seen this scene that

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Muhd Imran said...

Well said. Very nicely done.


yg said...

seenthisscenethat, the sunset scene you used for your poem, is it a place in s'pore?

Admin said...

Yes, yg. This is at Pasir Ris beach where bbq pit 59 is, near the Sea Sports Club and PA holiday complex. Took the shot facing north-west, during low tide.

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