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December 10, 2008

Siglap Park Connector

Map of Siglap Park Connector: Courtesy of Nparks.

Siglap Park Connector

The Siglap Park Connector starts at Bedok Reservoir Park and goes all the way to East Coast Park. This 7.6-km long path is a useful tract of land for cyclists (mostly) and pedestrians (rarely) to take short cuts.

You can hop on or off the Siglap Park Connector Network to visit other places like Telok Kurau Park and Bedok Town Park as the wheel-friendly connector pathways weave through the backyards of several housing estates.

If you think the Siglap park connector is a seamless means of public transport from point A to Point B, you will bring disappointment onto yourself. While the Siglap Park Connector is generally smooth going for bicycle riding, there are pockets of minor obstacles.

In my definition of obstacles, I refer to those things along the park connector network that bring inconvenience for cyclists. Such inconveniences include reduced cycling pace, stopping and even dismounting to walk your bike. Fortunately these obstacles do not obstruct your route along the Siglap Park Connector Network.

I classify the obstacles at Siglap Park Connector into two broad groups: the permanent obstacles and the temporary obstacles.

Picture: A part of Siglap Park Connector next to PIE.

Permanent obstacles are those that remain every time you pass by the connector (until Nparks changes it). As these obstacles are permanently around, you will be on your guard when you approach them.

Picture: Kembangan MRT Station is along the Siglap Park Connector.

Temporary obstacles are the ones that are not always present, which renders them more dangerous as they may catch you off guard.

I shall write more about the Siglap Park Connector later.

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