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December 22, 2008

Telok Kurau Park

Photo: Telok Kurau Park with Siglap Canal and Playground.

Telok Kurau Park

Located at the end of Joo Chiat Place, Telok Kurau Park is a cozy little neighbourhood place next to Siglap Canal. You can also reach the park from Frankel Street by crossing a footbridge across Siglap Canal.

There is a lively children’s playground, especially during cooler days from afternoons till late evenings. The fitness station at Telok Kurau Park is also a highly popular gathering point for neighbourhood residents.

Photo: Telok Kurau Park

One unique feature of Telok Kurau Park is that it is plugged into the Siglap Park Connector Network. This park connector network connects Telok Kurau Park to East Coast Park in the south and Bedok Reservoir Park to the north.

The Siglap park connector sees a constant flow of cyclists, pedestrians and joggers. At times, the volume of traffic rises to congestion level along the park connector at Telok Kurau Park. This is thankfully infrequent and lasts only a short term.

Next to Telok Kurau Park is the Siglap Canal that adds a water feature to soften the landscaping.

Some nearby residential buildings carry architecture that harks back to decades ago. Come here if you wish to walk down memory lane to see how buildings of yester decades appeared.

I like the homely atmosphere where residents mingle and play amongst the shrubbery, with lots of sky above the low-rise buildings surrounding the spacious park.

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