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January 29, 2009

Chingay Parade 2009

Chingay Parade 2009

From a neighbourhood parade of performers in costumes and decorated vehicles, Singapore's Chingay Parade has grown in size and stature over the decades.

On 30 January 2009 and 31 January 2009, Chingay Parade 2009 will become “Asia's grandest street and floats parade”.

The 90-minute Chingay Parade 2009 Show in Singapore will be held on 30 Jan 2009 from 8.30pm and 31 Jan 2009 from 8pm between City Hall and Marina Bay.

Image: Last year's Chingay Parade

Spectators with paid tickets will get an excellent opportunity to view the entire cultural performances up-close at four viewing areas. If you prefer to save money during this recession, get to the fenced perimeters early to 'chope' a good spot. However, the performers will not be at their best nor performing their routines along the transit routes.

What features of Chingay Parade 2009, organised by the People's Association, are there to distinguish it as Asia's grandest street and float parade?

Their grand opening show could be one reason. It promises music, dance and the Colours of Singapore's unique cultural traditions, supplemented with foreign talent from China's Famed “Tong Liang Fire Dragon”.

Another reason could be the presence of foreigners from Indonesia, India, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, who will provide a dash of international flavour to the Chingay parade.

Yet another reason could be the fancy costumes, wearable art pieces, 13 floats and energetic displays of cultural diversity.

The closing sequence of the Chingay Parade 2009 will feature a magic and illusion show by Lawrence and Priscilla Khong that will culminate in an unrivalled fiery magical escape, the first “burning man” act in Asia. This sounds like the clincher for me.

After the Chingay Parade 2009, revellers can expect to enjoy themselves at City Alive!, Singapore's largest street dance party in front of City Hall. With DJs like supermodel Sassy Pandez from United Kingdom, Sarasa (Silverboombox) from Japan, KoFlow from Singapore and Yiu & Bo from Hong Kong, it will be a night to remember.

Fret not if you can't make it on these two days for you can still catch the Chingay Floats at Ang Mo Kio GRC at another venue and time slot.

On the evening of 1 February 2009, Chingay 2009 will make an appearance from Lentor Avenue through Ang Mo Kio and meander its way to Sengkang West Avenue and Anchorvale Street. On 7 February 2009, Chinatown is also scheduled for a visit by the Chingay Floats.

It looks like there's lots to see in the coming days. Take note of road closures and diversions if you are passing through these areas during Chingay Parade 2009.

More details at website of Chingay Parade 2009.

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