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January 02, 2009

Pearl Garden Estate Park

Photo: Pearl Garden Estate.

Pearl Garden Estate Park

This small park is tucked away at Bedok North Avenue close to Block 98 and Block 100. It hugs the periphery of the Pan Island Expressway, next to St Anthony's Canossian Convent.

This simple neighbourhood park does not have a garden of pearls. There are no colourful flowers not exotic plants. If you think that gems could be found in this garden, think again.

Pearl Garden Estate Park possesses some basic fitness stations that may not rival other bigger parks like West Coast Park. But these amenities are functional and suit the need of the residents around the area.

Photo: Fitness stations at Pearl Garden Estate Park.

A short stretch of jogging path that ends in a loop sits in Pearl Garden Estate Park. Tall shady trees provide vital protection from midday heat. Park benches are scattered around to rest tired limbs after a good workout.

As I walked around the cool park, I felt at ease. Street traffic and noise from the Pan Island Expressway did not seem disturbing, even though its proximity to the park may be too close for comfort to some visitors.

I think this cozy little park will suit those who live nearby, hate crowds, like traffic views and want the fitness stations all to themselves.

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