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February 11, 2009

History of Ann Siang Hill: Part 3 of 4

History of Ann Siang Hill: Part 3 of 4

Activities On Ann Siang Hill

"There are a number of roads that ply through Ann Siang Hill - Club Street, Ann Siang Road, Amoy Street, Erskine Road and South Bridge Road, making it an oasis for many commercial and communal activities in the early days.

Many rich Chinese and Straits Chinese businessmen lived on and around the hill, especially along Club Street, where they met and socialised nightly.

On festive occasions, the hill was thronged with people waiting to be entertained by public performances such as Chinese operas or dragon dances. The spectators filled the streets and the road was impassable to traffic.

This was also the traditional site for clan associations, entertainment clubs and trade guilds. In 1889, the elite of the Straits Chinese community set up the Chinese Weekly Entertainment Club, which still exists today.

It was a social and business club where like-minded gentlemen could mingle and exchange ideas. A few of its members went on to launch some of Singapore's leading banking corporations.

It is said that it was this recreational institution that gave Club Street its name."

During my walks in Singapore parks, most of the time I derive immediate and tangible benefits - pretty flowers, luscious greenery, spirited wildlife, clean water and beautiful skies.

On rare occasions like at Ann Siang Hill, there's bagful of soul-enriching history to learn that appeals more than aesthetics. I could have ignored these information boards like unwanted litter, but somehow they reached out to me on a deeper level.

Do you have similar wealth of thoughts and feelings?

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