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March 11, 2009

Wheelchair-Friendly Fitness Places In Singapore

Wheelchair-Friendly Fitness Places In Singapore

Off Clementi Avenue 5 within the triangular space formed by blocks 376, 378 and 380, I discovered a piece of real estate that offered wheelchair friendly fitness places in Singapore.

You can see a piece of machine in this photograph that allows wheelchair-bound users to park their wheelchair next to the exercise station. While seated, users can perform upper body exercises like any other fitness station users. Leading to this wheelchair-friendly exercise stations are a series of ramps and interconnected pathways that connect to the housing blocks around this neighbourhood.

Besides the wheelchair-friendly fitness station, a children's playground and an amphitheatre can be found at this neighbourhood spot. The Clementi Police Station HQ is located next to this neighbourhood park.

Wheelchair-friendly fitness places will come in handy for people with altered mobility states. Will I see more of these useful fitness stations adopted for other housing estates in Singapore in the near future?

Have you seen any other wheelchair-friendly fitness places in Singapore? I have readers who are keen to know. Share in the comments below if you've seen more wheelchair-friendly places in Singapore.

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