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April 20, 2009

10 Cool Things To Do At Singapore's Peranakan Museum

10 Cool Things To Do At Singapore's Peranakan Museum

You would have gone on a cool walkabout around the impressive galleries of the Peranakan Museum since the official opening in April last year. Are there still 10 cool things to do at Singapore’s Peranakan Museum?

Certainly! To spice things up a notch, I shall suggest ten offbeat activities that you can do on a visit to Singapore’s Peranakan Museum.

The 10 cool things or adventures that I recommend are:

1. Make a video of your visit to the Peranakan Museum and submit it to yesterday.sg

Besides amusing yourself during your video-recording session at the Peranakan Museum, you can entertain your online friends, buddies and other voyeurs. Remember to look cool in front of the video camera. Who knows, you may score a lucrative contract with NHB’s HeritageTV and become Singapore’s Next Hot Presenter.

2. Seek ideas on home furnishing for your new flat, and save money on fertility treatments.

Running out of ideas for house renovations? Then check out the well-ornamented decorations and furnishing designs at the Peranakan Museum galleries. While there, explore homegrown ideas at the wedding room gallery on how to raise the nation's fertility rate.

3. Join a “Be Counted in the Million-Beads Embroidery Facebook Group” or start one if there's none.

With the Internet generation, it's hip and cool to connect through social media on the Web. Post a picture of yourself next to the exquisite million-beads handicraft at the Peranakan Museum and add your face to the wall. The first one million entries get bragging rights to poke or twitter others forever.

4. Admire the colonial architecture of the Peranakan Museum building when it started life in 1912.

Get excited by the visual treat offered by the Peranakan Museum building at 39 Armenian Street. Spot impressive features of this bungalow: fluted columns, symmetrical layouts and the balcony-lined frontage. Not a fan of architecture? No worries. Its illustrious history as Tao Nan School and beyond is even more illuminating.

5. Have lunch at the Peranakan Museums' restaurants and eat Peranakan food.

I don't need to mention this but Peranakan food is one the most ‘sedap’ in Singapore. Once you finish slurping that pot of Peranakan food at the Peranakan Museum food festival, you will never go back to hawker centres to eat nasi lemak, laksa or mee siam. Hey, where's the Peranakan food at the museum's restaurants?

6. Send your kids for Peranakan-inspired arts and craft sessions, when you can't find a babysitter.

The staffs are friendly, the kids love the companionship of their peers and you infuse the joy of hands-on learning in your children. Isn't the Peranakan Museum's children's programme a safe and secure substitute for your favourite baby sitter?

7. Browse at the Peranakan Museum Gift & Book Shop, when your local library gets too crowded.

For an A to Z reading list on Peranakan culture, consider the selection of reading materials available there. By the way, did you know you could also do some serious shopping and pick up delightful Peranakan knick-knacks, jewelleries and other fashionable keepsakes at the same time?

8. Learn to speak English, Malay or Peranakan through the telephone, without waiting for a campaign.

Pick up the cute old-fashioned telephone receivers inside the Peranakan Museum and you will surprise yourself with lively Peranakan conversations. Spiced with rich intonations, rapid-fire pronunciations and charming voices, the Peranakan soliloquy will let you learn the language in five minutes or less a day.

9. Celebrate a birthday at the Peranakan Museum when it turns one.

Keep your weekend of 25 and 26 April 2009 free. That's when the Peranakan Museum turns one with a “Peranakan celebration of the year”. You can test my tongue-in-cheek stuff to see if they work. Thereafter, you may even consider celebrating your own or your family's birthday at the Peranakan Museum!

10. Baba writings, paintings or sculpturing on Purely Peranakan things.

You can email contest entries to yesterdaysg@gmail.com with your literary and creative works. The content may be based on any aspect of Peranakan culture you fancy or about your latest Peranakan Museum trip. The cool prizes for your loved ones in yesterday.sg’s Purely Peranakan contest include beaded stamps, special edition Humphrey the Heritage Bears or Adeline Foo’s unique children’s books.

Enough said. Go perform these 10 cool things at Singapore’s Peranakan Museum now!

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Muhd Imran said...

Yep!. I wondered about #5 too. When I read it, all the food was Malay... in a Peranakan place.

Good tips though.

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