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April 04, 2009

SBG: Two Gardens And A Tale

Photo: Minister Mah Bow Tan at "A Tale of Two Gardens".

SBG: Two Gardens And A Tale

Seen This Scene That was invited to Singapore Botanic Garden's 150th Anniversary Celebration - “A Tale of Two Gardens” yesterday at the SBG's Botany Centre.

This special tree-planting occasion was to mark the anniversaries of two renown gardens this year – Singapore Botanic Gardens (150 years in existence) and Kew Gardens (250 years in the United Kingdom).

With a chance to get close to plants and gardens, and to learn about the history of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I readily accepted the invitation to visit Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG), although I had no idea why I was chosen to attend.

Upon arrival, I had a brief chat with Ms Lee Pin Pin, Deputy Director (Communications) of Nparks, before Daphne Chiang, New Media Manager, showed me around the function room, exhibition halls and tree-planting site. She also passed a thick dossier about the event with lots of helpful notes pertaining to the afternoon's anniversary celebration to me.

I think I will skip the dry facts about “A Tale of Two Gardens” and how the close ties between Singapore Botanic Garden and Kew Garden started off when Kew Gardens presented 22 rubber seedlings to Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1877.

This is done to save space and because I think the main newspapers would cover “A Tale and Two Gardens” in greater depth over this weekend.

Instead the only tale that I will tell is that of my own – my observations and my thoughts about “A Tale and Two Gardens”. I shall post the details next week. Stay tuned.

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Muhd Imran said...

The Botanic Garden has transformed quite beautifully, I might add.

I just went to that place yesterday to try out and sharpen my budding photography skills using my new Canon 450D.

Admin said...

Great to see a fellow blogger who is attracted to the Botanic Gardens.

Looking forward to see your photos on your blog.

Jinghui said...

It's been quite a while since I went to Botanic Gardens & take photos !

Maybe I should visit again !

I have a Friends Award for you !!!


Thank you for your support !


Admin said...

Thanks for the Friends Award, Jing Hui! I shall visit your site soon.

STST said...

[...]I was an invited guest at the Botany Centre to attend the official tree planting event ‘A Tale of Two Gardens’[...]

Jealous One said...

wah, u so tua bai blogger. got invite to meet minister! r u from RC or CC or wat?

Admin said...

Hi Jealous One,

I'm just an ordinary citizen with no grassroots or civil service attachment, who like to visit and share family-friendly places of interest in Singapore.

If you have a place that is interesting, send me an invite.

Hope you enjoy reading Seen This Scene That!

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