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April 01, 2009

Upper Seletar Reservoir Playground

Photo: View of childrens' playground (on left) from top of Observation Tower at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Upper Seletar Reservoir Playground

Upper Seletar Reservoir Park has a special place in my heart. I've written about my experience at the look-out tower (also known as 'rocket tower' to me).

It was with much pleasure when I brought my kids to Upper Seletar Reservoir park recently. For me, this was a trip back to my childhood. But for my kids, the buy-in was the children's playground.

The look-out tower did not elicit signs of affection from them. For one of my kids, the reaction was quite the opposite. It was the fear of height that struck my youngest child. She had to be coaxed to climb the spiral staircase.

I have no impression of a children's playground when I visited Upper Seletar Reservoir decades ago.

Photo: PICAS. (P.S. I wasn't born yet when this picture was taken.)

What impressed me then (and even to this day) was the look-out (rocket) tower that still stands. I believe this rocket tower has been designated as a Singapore economic heritage site.

The children's playground I saw at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park delighted my kids. There was a UFO-like playground equipment that could take four seated kids on a see-saw with four separate seats. This contraption allowed my three kids and I to bounce up and down, and to swing to the left and right as if we were riding a rocket blasting into space.

Photo: Spaceship-like see-saw and the court of Hopscotch at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park playground.

Besides this spaceship-like see-saw, there was also a drawing on a mat-like surface for a classic game called hopscotch.

In my school days, we used to draw the hopscotch course on sand or soil with a piece of stone. I looked at the present hopscotch design and was impressed by the colour and the wonderful material that cushioned the impact of our jumps.

Photo: More playground amenities at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park playground.

Another colourful mat was noted near the hopscotch outline, although I have not figured out what game it is meant for. Does anyone know how to play that?

To round up the list of children's layground equipment at Upper Seletar Reservior park, there was a flying-fox-like piece of set-up where one could slide from one end to another.

If you run out of companion at this playground in Upper Seletar Reservoir, you may consider inviting the native residents to play with you. Just remember not to feed them at the end of your game.

Photo: Would you like to join us for a game or two at the children's playground?

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Lam Chun See said...

When my kids were young I often brought them here. While they played in the children's play ground, I would go jogging. Haven't been there in years. Looks like the facilities have changed but the family activities remain the same.

Lam Chun See said...

Maybe I should bring them there again and see if they can remember. Trouble is they are big now and also so busy :(

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