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May 15, 2009

Fun Free Places For Kids

Fun Free Places For Kids At International Museum Day 2009 Celebration

Image NHB's IMD 2009: No need to fly overseas to look for fun free places for kids.

Are you looking for fun and free places to bring your kids for a visit? Why not take a look at the various museums and activities around Singapore during International Museum Day (IMD) 2009 celebrations from 23 May 2009 to 31 May 2009.

This year's IMD 2009 theme is 'Holiday Fun at Home!'. With a strong emphasis on families and kids, IMD 2009 aims to instill a museum-going culture especially among families with young kids.

The list of fun and free places your kids can enjoy is impressive. During the 10-day long celebration, you can expect activities like puppet and storytelling performances, art and craft workshops (doll making, clay sculpture) and an interactive playground for young children.

Inspiring events like a Chinese culture medley, Chinese calligraphy, martial arts and dance, paper lantern making at the Asian Civilisations Museum, a healthy ice-cream making at Healthzone, fun adventure trails at Baba House and the National Archives of Singapore, and the “I Can Guide” programme at the Peranakan Museum, which trains children to become museum guides of their own peers, are there for all to enjoy.

On Open House Days, the public can gain free entry into the nooks and crannies of our museums for some fun at our world-class exhibitions. Besides all NHB museums, families can visit for free the Marina Barrage, NEWater Visitors Centre, Malay Heritage Centre and red dot Museum on 31 May. Senior citizens can join in the fun as well as they receive free entry to all NHB museums, Fort Siloso on Sentosa and the Malay Heritage Centre on 25 May.

There is also a fun SMS contest to win free 3-Day Family Passes worth $50 each. Details of this contest can be found at the International Museum Day 2009 website.

If you are looking for fun free places for your kids and family to get together, consider visiting the museums and other attractions in Singapore during this International Museum Day 2009 celebration.

For more fun free places for your kids to visit, check out IMD 2009.

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Muhd Imran said...

Always a pleasure to come here. There is always something new happening and to do as a family. I love this site. It gives me many ideas to plan my weekend with my family.

You're doing a great service to your readers. Thank you.

PS: I got the visit Woodlands Town Park East near my parents' place. Thanks to your post, it got me excited and finally ventured into the place. A nice and tranquil place indeed.

Have a great weekend!!!

STST said...

Thanks for your support and compliment. It makes my day. You enjoy your weekend with your family too!

Nakamuri said...

Hi Seen This Scene That,

You got many ideas for places to bring the kids. I find list very helpful.

Want to

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Nakamuri,

Thanks and Welcome to Seen This Scene That. Hope you find many enjoyable places to play with your kids!

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