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May 08, 2009

Places To See In Singapore

Places To See In Singapore

Today I've chosen to present three places to see in Singapore as my quiz of the month.

The theme that you may see in these three photographs of "places to see in Singapore" is Water, or its lack of.

If I had chosen the Merlion spouting water at Singapore's Merlion Park, the bumboats floating along the Singapore River or offered you a photo of the old Big Splash waterslide at East Coast Park, those examples would have been too simple.

These photographs of places that you can see in Singapore were selected to add some degree of difficulty to the quiz. So some of you may find them easy, others may find them difficult.

These pictures selected for the "places to see in Singapore" quiz were taken at various times of the year. Examine the photographs of places that I visited in different corners of Singapore and see if they look familiar.

Do you recognize any of these places that you can see in Singapore?

Places To See In Singapore Photograph 1:

Places To See In Singapore Photograph 2:

Places To See In Singapore Photograph 3:

The Quiz: Where were these photographs taken in Singapore?

Participate in Seen This Scene That's "Places To See In Singapore" quiz and join in the fun!

If there are no correct entries, I shall release the answers at the end of the month.

To make this "Places to see in Singapore" quiz more attractive, I shall write an article on the winner and feature his / her blog with lots of link love in Seen This Scene That, with your consent.

I would be curious to know who this knowledgeable person is, as I'm sure my readers would be keen to know too. So remember to use your blogger profile or contactable name so that I can contact the winner(s). If there are too many all-correct entries, I shall pick one winner by random selection. Each person is only allowed one try.

Clues released on May 12 in comments below and this post on May 13, 2009 (read here).

See more places in Singapore. Live more life.

1 June 2009: Quiz is now closed. Thank you for your interest.
Who won the quiz? Check the 'Places To See in Singapore' quiz winner here.

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Jinghui said...

Ok .... I shall have a shot at the 3 locations

Photograph 1 - Yan Kit Swimming Pool , Tanjong Pagar

Photograph 2 - Bukit Panjang Park

Photograph 3 - Sengkang Riverside Park


Victor said...

Too difficult for me. Only know first one - Yan Kit Swimming Pool. :(

Lucky gal said...

1 = queenstown swimming pool
2 = tampines bike park
3 = punggol reservoir park

Seen This Scene That said...

Thanks for attempting my quiz, jinghui, Victor and Lucky gal. I will offer clues. You can submit one amended entry each later.

Photo 2 comes from a series that I took at a park in Singapore. I have posted similar photos to my flickr album. I have also written about it in Seen This Scene That on that visit to Choa Chu Kang estate.

Good luck!

Faith Will Hope said...

photo 1-Yan Kit swimming pool
photo 2-stagmont park
photo 3-sengkang riverside park

saVings said...

Let me try:
photograph 1 - Yan Kit swimming pool
photograph 2 - Stagmont park
photograph 3 - Sengkang riverside park

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Victor said...

STST, if you are offering prizes, then may I suggest that readers send their guesses to your email addresses instead. This is to be fair to the participants since now everyone can see each others' guesses.

However, if the prize go to the earliest participants who guess correctly, then I think it should be alright to have an open contest via people commenting on your blog. In that case, there should be no closing date but till prizes run out. What do you think?

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Victor,

you have mentioned good ideas which I will put into the next contest.

For this quiz, I will stick to random selection to pick one lucky winner only. As a gesture of goodwill, all those who entered the quiz so far will automatically get one chance in the draw. How's that?

Anyone else who wishes to join the lucky draw quiz can still join in.

Closing date remains.

Thanks for the feedback!

Seen This Scene That

Sg Sky said...

I wish to join your lucky draw. yan kit swimming pool, stagmont park, sengkang riverside park.

Wan Ling said...

Me too. I sent my personal info via email.

yan kit pool, stagmont park, sengkang riverside park.

Anonymous said...

picture 2 - stagmont park.

john said...

pic 1 yan kit swim pool.
pic 2 stagmont park.
pic 3 sengkang riverside park.
my id in email.

Avril said...

picture 2 stagmont park.
add me pls.

Asri said...

yan kit pool, stagmont park, sengkang riverside park.



Asri said...

my email = asri888 at hotmail dot com

Seen This Scene That said...

Dear all,

The quiz is now closed.

Thanks to all sporting participants who took part in my 'Places To See In Singapore' quiz.

I shall conduct a lucky draw and announce the winner in a new post soon.

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