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May 20, 2009

Shopping Places In Singapore

Photograph: New shopping place in Singapore.

Shopping Places In Singapore

It has to happen, this post on shopping places in Singapore. How do I reconcile 'shopping' with Seen This Scene That's passion on places of interest, family-friendly things to do and offbeat activities?

Simple, because shopping can satisfy these objectives. Singapore has many marvelous shopping places to suit every taste, desire and passion.

And why not shopping? Shopping is a family-friendly activity. Shopping malls are places of interest. New shopping centres can offer offbeat activities.

Families need to shop for things. Men need to buy stuff at shopping places. Women shop at shopping places. Children also need to get time out at shopping places.

Shopping is a favourite activity that my readers are familiar with and I am sure you are more knowledgeable about shopping trends, shopping designs, shopping bargains, shopping discounts and usual shopping related local knwoledge.

My shopping style is considered short and sharp. I decide what I want or need to get, target a particular shop or shopping place, find the best route, best parking, least crowded time, etc, to get in and get out with my shopping purchase. And I am done.

This meticulous method of shopping does not apply when I am out shopping in malls with spouse and kids. Because at those times, shopping is transformed into a family time-out, to be enjoyed at leisure.

At times, we linger from top floor to ground floor of brand new malls to savour the cold air-conditioning, the attractively-designed shop interiors, the constant flow of fellow shoppers. At other times, it is to linger over a meal and to watch the crowd hurry us by.

In the hot humid tropical weather of Singapore, large shopping malls are a great place to escape the heat. When I am done taking photographs in the parks, gardens and outdoor spaces in Singapore on a hot day, the chill of mall breeze and a sip of cold drink is something I look forward to.

How do you prefer to do your family shopping at shopping places in Singapore?

See more shopping places. Live more life.

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