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May 02, 2009

Where is Brontosaur Park in Singapore

Where is Brontosaur Park in Singapore?

Photograph: Brontosaur Park sculpture.

In my quiz last month, I showed a photograph of a sculpture. If you have not attempted the quiz, check out the photograph in that quiz to answer the following questions. (Answers coming up below)

(a) Where to find this sculpture in Singapore? (Give the name of this park --> given today)

(b) What is the name for this sculpture?

(c) Who created this sculpture?

(d) When was it installed?

(answers coming up below)

(a) Brontosaur Park

(b) My Kampong Days

(c) Tan Boon Yang

(d) 1997

Photograph: Brontosaur Park's My Kampong Days sculpture.

My question today is: Where is Brontosaur Park in Singapore?

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Jinghui said...

It's very interesting to read your blogs on different kinds of displays/monuments/sculptures in different parts of Singapore, away from the mainstream tourist crowds and right in our heartlands and also those along tourist routes in our early pioneer days.

You are a good role model to showcase fellow Singaporeans and tourists that in our heartlands, there would be something unique and interesting for you to explore !


STST said...

Thanks Jing Hui for your generous compliments!

blur king said...

Can give more clues?

a said...

pasir ris st 71!!!

STST said...

Anyone else wishes to try?

Seen This Scene That said...

Well done, a! care to let us know a bit more about you?

a said...

Yay... So what do i win?

Seen This Scene That said...

Sorry a! I didn't prepare any prize. But I can offer you a title: Winner of 'Where is Brontosaur Park in Singapore' Quiz!

There's a prize for another quiz though. Why not try the 'Places to see in Singapore' quiz?

If a generous sponsor comes along, I may upgrade the prize... hee hee

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