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May 12, 2009

Woodlands Town Park East Photographs

Wodlands Town Park East Photographs

(1) Woodlands Town Park East Photograph showing the park's sign board.

This photograph of a peaceful outdoor space was taken near Block 109 at Woodlands Street 13. From here, you can walk up the steps or climb the slopes of this hill (Hill 180).

(2) Another Woodlands Town Park East photograph at the top of the flight of steps.

Visitors who manage to scale this hill will be treated to a panoramic view of a Woodlands neighbourhood scene and beyond. At certain points, one can also look directly into the living quarters of dwellers as HDB flats surround most of the park.

(3) Woodlands East Town Park Photograph show a tombstone-like park seat.

Made of stone slabs with a smoothened flat top, the solid rock allows park users to sit or sleep. Couples out on a date will surely find these seating arrangement suitable for their use. In the middle of the day, avoid using them or risk getting burnt like a hot-stone barbecue.

(4) Woodlands Town Park East photograph of an unpaved route that other visitors have taken.

If you follow this path, it will lead to the base of the park at its western end near Marsiling Secondary School. I saw some park users walk up and down this park in their PT (physical training) attire. With the 10-storey HDB flats as a comparison, this training circuit up and down the park seems like a wonderful way to burn calories and pump up the heart. Navigating the uneven ground is a danger and requires care. Otherwise, an ankle sprain or nasty fall could be the potential side effects.

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Muhd Imran said...

It is like you read my mind.

Just days ago, I told my Mom about my intention to venture into the park which is very near her place Woodlands Street 13.

Now there is no excuse not to. Again, thanks to you for promoting, at the least, trigger the natives to venture into our very own backyards and discovery simple pleasures available free of charge to keep our sanity in check in this fast paced living. Always enjoy your site.

Have a great week ahead.

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