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July 27, 2009

Jurong Lake Park Singapore

Jurong Lake Park Singapore: Adventure Park

Ambitious plan announced in 2008 to transform the Jurong Lake area into a family-friendly waterfront playground in 10 to 15 years was playing in my mind when I stepped onto the adventure sports zone cum playground park at Jurong Lake Park Singapore recently.

Jurong Lake Park photograph 1 of Adventure Park:

The size of Marina Bay, Jurong Lake has enough body of water and adjoining land space for planners to transform ideas into reality. But that could also mean that existing amenities at Jurong Lake Park may disappear forever.

Jurong Lake Park photograph 2:

To help remember some of the facilities at Jurong Lake Park Singapore, I ventured to this western part of Singapore in search for places to write for Seen This Scene That and to take away photographic memories.

I have posted photographs on the adventure playground located at Jurong Lake Park, at Chinese Garden Road.

Jurong Lake Park photograph 3:

The sporty amenities at the adventure playground reminded me of those at West Coast Park, on a smaller scale. There was also a skate park for the adventurous to perform skate and bicycle stunts in the adventure zone. The item that I liked best was the hemispheric rope structure. However, it was out of commission  and I could not challenge myself to scale new heights.

Have you been to Jurong Lake Park? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Muhd Imran said...

Nope. But it will become another place to visit when I am around the area.

Without my own transport, places that I have been to on weekends are normally close by... by bike or foot, unless I have this adventurer's urge to go further by public transport.

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