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August 03, 2009

NDP 2009: What Do You See

NDP 2009: What Do You See

source: NDP 2009

This post is about the National Day Parade NDP 2009 video theme song by Electrico.  My 'NDP 2009: What Do You See' post is written to remind all that our National Day Parade 2009 is around the corner and that the theme for NDP 09 is “Come TogetherReaching Out, Reaching Up” which draws inspiration from our Pledge.

NDP 2009 is about our coming together as ‘one united people’, to Reach Out to all Singaporeans regardless of ‘race, language or religion’, and to Reach Up towards our hopes and aspirations articulated when we pledge to ‘achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.’

I have also chosen to highlight this song 'What Do You See' for another reason.

I have no strong opinion on the choice of 'What Do You See' as a NDP 2009 theme song or for the quality of its lyrics. I write this post not to ask you to see the moon and the stars in 2009 or to look around at faces under the sun for NDP. I write to highlight the various locations that are featured in the NDP 2009 'What do you see' music video.

NDP 2009 Theme Song and Video from YouTube:

For my purpose of identifying the landmarks and locations where the filming of this NDP 2009 'What Do You See' video took place, I note that the initial part of the video is rather poorly lit resulting in a terribly obscured background.

As the NDP 2009 music video progresses, I start to make out the familiar sights and places of Singapore. Attractions like the Singapore city skyline, the Singapore Flyer and the Marina Barrage soon become pretty obvious.

Less obvious are the other various touristy sites around Marina Bay like the Esplanade bridge, the Merlion and Esplanade parks.

Do you see and recognize the locations around Singapore in the NDP 2009 video? Have you been to those places in Singapore?

One final observation that I would like to share: There is a fleeting view of a National Monument in one scene. Do you see it? What is that monument that can be seen?

For a better video shot, visit the official National Day Parade NDP 2009 site at NDP 2009 here.

See more places. Live more life.

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Jinghui said...

For the various locations filmed, I was able to recognise them, used to visit these locations for photography !

The monument u mentioned was it The Former Indian National Army Monument ? Without your question and sharp observation, I won't have spotted it and researched on it and found out about it. Was it recently constructed ?

Happy NDP 2009 !!


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