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September 04, 2009

Army Open House 2009

Army Open House 2009 Singapore

For members of the public who have never been through National Service, this is the event of the year in 2009 to visit the Army Open House 2009 in Singapore to learn more.

If you have grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles or other able-bodied male members of the family who have gone through National Service training or undergoing training currently, this is your chance to experience first-hand the hardship fun that they had to go through.

For hands-on involvement, civilians can try out the standard obstacle course to see if you have what it takes to be a combat fit soldier. You can also try squeezing the trigger with real weapons like the M-16 and the SAR-21 or practice on simulations like the Infantry gunnery and tactical simulators.

Keen for a ride of your life? In the Combat Ride Safari, ride the infantry Bionix IFV, the Bronco, M113 Ultra armoured personnel carrier and the Guard's LSV. In the Live Firing Safari, assume leadership as Field Commander to lead a team for combat mission.

To top it all off, attend the Army Open House 2009 for a chance to take a spin on the Chinook helicopter aerial ride to get an aerial view of the Army Open House 2009 site in Pasir Laba camp.

There are lots more to see and learn at the various exhibits and stalls at the Army Open House 2009. For those inclined to learn about the past history and traditions of the Army, check out the intimate and engaging details at the Army Museum of Singapore.

After all that thrill, fill your hungry stomachs with Army food at the Tuckshop. To fulfill your retail shopping urges,  bring home a piece of the Army Open House 2009 by grabbing army-themed souvenirs on sale at the SAF e-mart.

You won't believe the carnival-like atmosphere that exists at Army Open House 2009 until you visit. Best of all, this Army Open House 2009 is suitable for all age groups and is open to the public.

Army Open House 2009 details:
Date: 3 September 2009 to 7 September 2009
Time: 9am to 7pm daily
Venue: Pasir Laba Camp
Admission fee: Free
Website: Army Open House 2009

To check out some photographs, visit AOH 2009 Scenes here.

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