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September 23, 2009

Ludo Garden, Jurong Central Park

Ludo Garden, Jurong Central Park

I was wandering around Jurong on my regular outing when I came across the Ludo Garden at Jurong Central Park recently. This Ludo Garden is found within the confines of Jurong Central Park, located opposite the Boon Lay MRT station and Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

For a neighbourhood park, this addition of a Ludo Garden in Singapore is a breath of fresh air. Combining elements of play, fun, flowers and plants, this Ludo Garden is best seen with your own eyes than described using my words. Photographs may not bring out the positive impact as a physical visit to this Ludo Garden in Jurong Central Park can do.

I have put up a few photographs nonetheless for those who have yet to pay a visit to the first and only Ludo Garden in Singapore.

Photograph 1 of Ludo Garden, Jurong Central Park:

Photograph 2 of Ludo Garden, Jurong Central Park:

Photograph 3 of Ludo Garden, Jurong Central Park:

Not sure what is the game of Ludo? You can read instructions printed at a sign board here. In the game of Ludo, 2 to 4 players take turns to roll a dice to move their pieces (or members in this case) across the squares on the ground. The winner is the team that gets all members around the Ludo board and into the central area of their team colour. This Ludo Garden game can be an attractive proposition for large families, friends, and colleagues looking for an outdoor place for some fun and games.

But how many park visitors bring a dice with them to play Ludo in an outdoor garden? If you need a dice, guess where you may find one at Jurong Central Park?

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Jinghui said...

Wow .... didn't realise that Jurong Central Park has its interesting concepts & designs !

Ludo is childhood game of mine, it's been a long time (for me) since I saw/played that game ! Many memories !


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