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November 16, 2009

Shopping Playground in Singapore

Shopping Playground in Singapore

I saw this scene in Singapore recently. A shopping playground in Singapore. A playground in a shopping place in Singapore.

It is common to find playgrounds in shopping centres in Singapore as shopping is a very family-friendly and popular leisure activity in Singapore.

My kids like playgrounds and they will always try out the playgrounds for the fun of it.

How many times have you seen shopping centres with playgrounds in Singapore? How many shopping places have seen that do not provide playgrounds for kids in Singapore?

The next time you shop, stop and look out for these playgrounds...shopping playgrounds in Singapore.

By the way, do you recognise this shopping playground in Singapore? Where in Singapore can you find this kids' playground in Singapore?

Hint: This playground is located somewhere in the east of Singapore.

Picture: Shopping Playground in Singapore.

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yg said...

stst, i have not been there but i think this place is at ikea in tampines.

professor said...


Anonymous said...

it is ikea tampines!

Jinghui said...

The playground in IKEA Tampines !!

Always wanted to be a kid again & go play at the playground !!

Oh ... Have an Award for U !!



Anonymous said...

this is at IKEA Tampines but it is within the store.

there is another playground, it is same level as the IKEA supermarket, ATM machines.
Kids can crawl through a "tunnel" and watch cartoons.

Singapore Friend said...

I hate to be pedantic, but this is not the IKEA playground. This is a display that children can use in the IKEA tampine store - in the children's section. (Which by the way I recently saw was undergoing renovations, so the slide may not be there next time you visit). The actual playground at Ikea Tampines is at the entry level, called Smalland (or somethin similar) where you can leave your children unattended (slightly supervised) whilst you go shopping.

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