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March 09, 2010

Mayfair Park Singapore

Mayfair Park Singapore

It began with a bright sunny day at Mayfair Park Singapore. I walked around the quiet neighbourhood park along the junction of Jalan Gaharu and Rifle Range Road.

I was curious to find out how a neighbourhood park in this prestigious precinct inside district 9, 10 and 11 of Singapore looked like. Nestled amidst low-rise private landed properties, have you wondered if public parks in these areas might differ from other suburban parks in Singapore?

Take a look at these photographs of Mayfair Park in Singapore and decide for yourself. There is a basketball court, fitness stations, a children's playground and a jogging / walking pathway for visitors, pets and residents. Nearby is the Pan Island Expressway PIE which no amount of trees and foliage can shield away the traffic sounds.

Photo 1, Mayfair Park Singapore

If you scrutinize these amenities closely, they look not much different from other public playgrounds around Singapore.

Photo 2, Mayfair Park Singapore

Photo 3, Mayfair Park Singapore

By the time I was almost done taking photographs in Mayfair Park Singapore, a heavy curtain of shower blocked my retreat to my vehicle (not seen in any of these photographs). Fortunately, shelters located within Mayfair park came in handy to prepare oneself against inclement weather.

Have you visited Mayfair park in Singapore?

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yg said...

i have driven past it but i didn't stop to explore because it is such a small park in a private housing estate.

Muhd Imran said...

Looks the same to me. Good to know there is no double standards. In fact, some places are even larger, modern and colourful.

Then again, be grateful with such amenities so close to our homes. Peaceful, you said, is key.

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