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May 10, 2010

Love Green: Just Bin It

Love Green: Just Bin It

If you love the many parks and nature reserves of Singapore, you will appreciate this "Love Green: Just Bin It" programme. What is this "Love Green: Just Bin It" programme?

Organized by the National Parks Board (NParks), the "Love Green: Just Bin It!" programme is to encourage park users to keep parks and nature reserves free from litter. This programme supports the National Environment Agency's (NEA) new national anti-littering campaign to be launched in June 2010.

As part of this programmme, an online video competition (with a top prize of S$10,000 to be won) has been launched to create awareness and support in spreading the anti-littering message amongst park users.

I encourage all Seen This Scene That readers to read more about it at the link below. Even if you don't plan to create a video, you can also win prizes in two ways: by referring friends to view the videos and by voting online for the winner.

How about some storyboard ideas to get you going?

Suggestion 1:
The Green Bin drops from the sky and lands on a park connector under a beam of light. Head lifting slowly, a wide smile appears on its face that looks like Mr Bean...

Suggestion 2:
A group of teenagers celebrate like there's no tomorrow and create litter around the beach park BBQ pits. The Bin can't stand the sight of litter, fumes and turns into an upsized Green Bin Bulk ...

Suggestion 3:
The Big Bad Green Bin Wolf turns to face a litter bug and says,'I'll huff and I'll puff ... and I'll eat you up!'

Enough of humour. Details about the 'Love Green: Just Bin It' online video contest are provided now:

To qualify for the competition, participants are required to upload their videos on YouTube, and submit the URL of their video, together with their personal details, on the official online form.

Submissions also should incorporate the anti-littering theme, and be filmed in a park managed by NParks. If the submission is animated, it is required to be in a park setting.

There is no limit to the number of submissions.

Closing date: 27 June 2010

What are the prizes for winners of the Just Bin It video competition?

Prizes for the Video Competition:
Top Prize : S$10,000 x 1 winner
2nd Prize : S$5,000 x 1 winner
3rd Prize : S$2,000 x 1 winner
Consolation Prizes: S$500 x 6 winners

Prizes for the Voting Contest:
100 pairs of movie tickets

Prizes for Referral of competition videos to friends:
100 pairs of movie tickets

If you want to get inspiration, check out sample videos on the NParks site. Better still, visit the following parks in Singapore to catch the Just Bin It mascot in action:

2 May (Sun) : 4 to 6 pm at East Coast Park
8 May (Sat) : 4 to 6 pm at East Coast Park
9 May (Sun) : 9 to 11am at West Coast Park
15 May (Sat) : 4 to 6 pm at Pasir Ris Park
22 May (Sat) : 4 to 5pm at East Coast Park (during Passion Run)

Visit NParks site --> http://www.nparks.gov.sg/justbinit/

Good luck to all!

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