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July 03, 2010

Southern Ridges Singapore

Southern Ridges Singapore

I returned recently to Southern Ridges Singapore for a walk through a scenic part of this famous outdoor area. My previous visit happened a while ago near the height of public interest soon after the Southern Ridges Singapore was opened to the public.

On this visit to Southern Ridges Singapore, I was to discover several changes in visitor profile. Instead of hordes of camera-trotting visitors and tourists, it was fairly quiet and peaceful along most parts of Southern Ridges Singapore. Those present were mainly folks taking walks or jogs along the connector pathways.

I could also find empty parking lots at Telok Blangah Hill, instead of a full house at the parking lots. The last time I came, I had to park at the foot of the hill.

Another interesting observation at Southern Ridges Singapore was the discovery of monkeys that appeared to have set up 'busking' spots along the Southern Ridges. They were waiting along the footpaths and railings for passers-by to give them handouts of mouth-watering delicacies.

Above: Southern Ridges Singapore Photograph.

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