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September 22, 2010

Changi Beach At Low Tide

Changi Beach At Low Tide

Grey-coloured sea. Pale blue sky. Little waves teasing a shoreline as far as the eye can see. Is that the picture that greets you at Changi Beach during low tide?

Photograph of Changi Beach At Low Tide :

Would you witness the low tide scene like I did? How many of you have seen Changi Beach at low tide?

Sure there is still scope for beach-side fun and recreational activities. Like sandcastle building. Picnics by the sea. Leisurely strolls on wet sand. Footprints, shoe prints, broken tiles, mangled branches and perhaps some ubiquitous pools of litter.

There are more things to see than what I have described.

So if you get a chance, take a walk along Changi Beach at low tide. See for yourself how the beach line appears.

Changi Beach at low tide. The bowels of the sea are revealed when the tide recedes.

See more places. Live more life.

Seen This Scene That

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