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February 17, 2008

Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park
This 3.2km strip of boundary between sand and water, stretching from Changi Point at the eastern tip of Singapore to Changi Ferry Road, heads the list as one of my favourite playgrounds.

Why Changi Beach Park?
The sentimental reason is because I used to come here as a child to visit and play. Since then the makeover for the area has been dramatic. Thoroughly sanitized with excellent walking pavements, cycling paths, bathing points and barbecue facilities, the look of Changi Beach Park is now unrecognizable. An interesting photographic record of that by-gone era stands proudly at the entrance to the park at the Changi Ferry Road.

Observations at Changi Beach Park
The crowd is thinner, compared to other coastal parks like East Coast beach park.
Beach combers are more family friendly.
There are less polluting barbeque pits that are spaced far apart.
The air seems cleaner over at the eastern end of Singapore.
There's less rainfall per annum, which translates to more frequent visits.
And the best part of it? Hearing the thunder-roar of jetliners as they approach for landing at dusk. A word of caution: usage of hearing protection device is highly recommended at this area near the airport.

It's The Memory
To me, no matter what physical transformation may have occurred, the memory of Changi Beach Park with the sea, the sun and the breeze will still remain unchanged.

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Stardust said...


I've just visited Changi Beach on the 8th Feb.
Changi Beach is my fav hangout too. Few of my most precious memories also came from Changi Beach. It is less crowdy than other beaches, better perhaps so that I can hear the nature more. Love the breeze. Even takeoffs and arrivals of planes thrill me.

The airshow in vicinity is also one of the great highlights. Oh, how I miss airshows. My last visit was in 2006.

I'd be looking forward to more updates on Singapore.

SeenThisSceneThat said...

Hello stardust,

Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.

Shall update as often as I can.

Particularly impressed by the macarons on your website. The photo looks really edible and delicious.

Keep baking and stay happy.

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