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February 18, 2008

Taking Off Into The Future

Singapore Airshow 2008
As the Singapore Airshow 2008 flies into Changi North tomorrow, I will have a chance to glide into something new. Over the next 6 days, more than 900 companies from 42 nations will show off their trendiest flying toys with the newest paraphernalia.

Winged Wonders
To be part of the largest aerospace event in Asia, even as a mere visitor without the millions to ever own such luxurious playthings, is an enticing prospect. With a towering Airbus A380 airliner and uber-class Legacy 600 business jets lined up amongst the mouth-watering aviation collection, coupled with childhood dreams of "men and their flying machine" make-belief, the decision to participate is a no-brainer.

Take Off Into The Future
On a higher plane of existence, I am using this event at Changi Exhibition Centre to do something uncharacteristic and different from the usual surf-the-net/TV/movie weekend routine. For this coming weekend, I am preparing for a trip to the Singapore Airshow 2008, to take-off into the future. Perhaps this will spur me on to attempt new endeavours.

Take care and be happy.


The road to Singapore Airshow 2008 is currently blocked by police personnel as shown in the photo above. I could not catch a glimpse of the winged wonders but this has only served to whet my appetite. Will need to recce a little more and surf the net for transport arrangements on those days when it's open to the public.

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