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February 22, 2008

Pony Riding For Kids In Pasir Ris Park, Singapore

Above: Pony riding for kids at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore
Pony Riding For Kids In Pasir Ris Park, Singapore

Childhood Joy Hood

In childhood, horse-riding or pony riding was a particularly great thrill for me. Under loud fanfare and vertiginous lights, I used to gallop around a carousel like a crusading knight on shiny horse, arms raised to beaming parents. Nowadays, neighbourhood riding centres offer the real deal - live ponies for kids to enjoy the pony ride of their lives.

Licence Not Needed

You do not need a licence, as I found out at Gallop Stable in Pasir Ris Park at the end of Pasir Ris Green, for kids to ride a pony. As a member of the public, I could register for formal pony riding lessons for my children. But being city dwellers unaccustomed to handling large animals and pony riding, I remained hesitant to ride the ponies.

Joy Ride

Fortunately, casual introductory pony rides were available for kids to test their affinity for this sport. My 6-year-old daughter displayed jittery nerves as she strapped on a helmet and performed an awkward dance on the pony's saddle. When the pony took off with a trainer holding the reins, her posture stiffened and she never looked back. However by the completion of the lap around the enclosure, she was beaming ear to ear on her pony ride.

above: feeding a pony after pony ride

Pony Playground

Besides pony riding, my family had an opportunity to feed ponies with bare hands, using food packets purchased at the stable. Each packet of feed appeared to resemble blades of hay-like material, which the ponies seemed to enjoy. The pnoy's wet tongues felt like spongy cakes of soap, massaging our fingers. We stroked the ponies, ranging in sizes and colours, on their backs as they leaned out to passers-by through a wooden fence. I found the ponies remarkably friendly and not as apprenhensive to us as I was towards them. To maintain hygiene (for us and for the ponies) we washed hands before and after each pony feeding/touching session.

More Than Ponies

A rudimentary on-site cafe offered hydration after our hour of fun under tree-lined canopy in late afternoon heat. Close-by, bicycle and roller-blade rental stations were opened for more sporty pursuits. Toilets and washing facilities completed the amenities in this area of Pasir Ris Park. If you prefer to cool off in the evening breeze, a five minute walk will bring you to beach-side ambiance. Completing your day would be dinner at Pasir Ris shopping centre, a leisurely 20 minute walk away.

The Pony X-Factors

This pony riding eXperience for my family had been novel. The ponies were the over-riding attraction. I found the pony more lively than those at the Singapore Zoological Garden. It was definitely a well-spent pony riding afternoon. For my kids, my family, and me. First timers and repeat visitors would surely agree.

Beside pony riding for kids, do you have any kid-friendly place to recommend in Singapore?

Take care and be happy on your pony rides.

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