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February 25, 2008

Seven Reasons Why I Enjoyed Singapore Airshow 2008

Seven Reasons Why I Enjoyed Singapore Airshow 2008

The inaugural Singapore Airshow 2008 completed its run yesterday after a one-week line-up of programmes. I was one among the 50,000-crowd who thronged the Singapore Exhibition Centre, situated at the end of 9 Aviation Park Road.

Here are seven reasons why I enjoyed the Singapore Airshow 2008:-

1) Largest aerospace exhibition in Asia
Using this tag seems like a lame excuse. But just take a look at the Guinness Book of World records to see how much traction this kind of boast has.

2) Aerial performance by the Black Nights and others
No doubt the Black Nights, with their tight team formations, were stars of the aerial dogfight. Other aircrafts took pride of place among the clouds were the USAF F/A-18, the Korean T-50, the RAAF Pilatus PC-9 and the surprise appearance of an Airbus A380.

Above: Apache AH-64

3) Combined Arms Display of Singapore Armed Forces
The Airforce sent the Apache AH-64, Armour chose the Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tank and Artillery deployed Pegasus, its heli-portable 155mm Howitzer gun.

4) Airbus A380
You do not have to be a member of any frequent flyer club to enjoy close-up views of the world’s biggest commercial airliner here. You would also know that the world’s first A380 was pressed into service in Singapore on 25 October 2007.

5) B1-b Lancer Stealth Bomber
This sleek-looking supersonic jet hides a lethal payload in its hull during cross-country missions that can out-fly other bombers without being detected on radar.

6) Spacious area
The Changi Exhibition Centre, sprawled over 40 hectares allowed plenty of elbow room to wander at leisure. The 100,000 sq m of outdoor display area easily took in all the exhibits with plenty of leftover space for even more planes.

7) Air-conditioned Comfort
While the tarmac felt like a bakery oven on fire, the 40,000 sq m exhibition hall was designed for personal comfort with a cavernous interior ventilated with cold air.

Perhaps there’ll be more to look forward to in February 2010 when the next airshow comes around.

Do you always have things to look forward to?

Take care, stay happy.

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Stardust said...

I love Air Shows!

I love the aerial performace the best. Was it deafening? I don't think I have seen Black Knights fleet before.

Another reason: lots of souveniers to pocket. =) I am still keeping them as treasures. ;)

I had plans of joining the Air Force after graduation. Uniformed groups have been so inspiring to me then. I love the badges and pins that I've received from previous Air Shows. Do they distribute any this year?

Seen This Scene That said...

The air show was fantastic! It was definitely the highlight of this exhibition.

I did not see any pins and badges. Either there weren't any or they were out of stock.

I'm sure the Airforce would consider volunteers if you're really interested.

Take care, be happy.

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