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February 26, 2008

Seven Ways To Improve Singapore Airshow 2008 Visitor Experience

Seven Ways To Improve Singapore Airshow 2008 Visitor Experience

In my earlier post on SceneThisSceneThat, a blog to chronicle my experiment to get more out of life, I highlighted the positive factors on my visit to the Singapore Airshow 2008. Today, I shall discuss seven ways to improve visitor experience from the perspective of a member of the public.

1)Clear bottlenecks
Imagine 50,000 people at the National Stadium, all trying to enter and leave through only one entry/exit points. Such was the case at Singapore Airshow 2008 when people moved to get onto shuttle buses and taxis. The period just after the aerial performance by the Black Knights and other teams witnessed such bottlenecks, when movement of people through those choke points was at its peak.

2)Reduce overcrowding
To reduce overcrowding, limit visitor numbers to a manageable level each day. Extend visitor days for the public to spread the load to a comfortable size. I can understand the priority of organizers to allow more days for trade visitors to clinch their deals. However, the public deserved to be treated with more respect than squeezing 90,000 visitors into a weekend.

3)Hot Weather
With the sun at peak oppression during the aerial displays, I was not surprised to learn from the Straits Times that 7 visitors had fainted that day. While I understand that preserving an unblocked view of the show was paramount, more tents and other forms of shelter would have helped to alleviate the heated situation.

4)Cabin Tours
The Airbus beckoned at the Airshow but only selected VIPs were allowed to take an on-board tour inside the Airbus. It was a pity that the $20 entrance fee excluded the opportunity to wander around the interior of the world’s largest commercial airliner.

5) Scenic flights
My other wish was to secure a seat for scenic flights on a helicopter, a fighter-jet or even the Airbus, which was sadly unavailable. Such fantastic opportunities for public visitors would be a once-in-lifetime dream.

More guides should be stationed around to help with directions as this was an exhibition center opened for the first time to the public. Guides who can bring groups of visitors around selected sites would prove popular by my reckoning.

7)Public access
Transportation for the public could be improved with more buses, marshals and police presence for crowd control at the pick-up points. This would have reduced flared ups over queue cutting, thereby lessen “ugly Singaporean” scenes.

To raise the joy factor for public visitors is the responsibility of participants and management. Besides billion dollar sales targets, ordinary residents’ welfare should also feature highly in the corporate assessment of any air show’s success.

These are just some of own observations. I am sure you have more to share. Do you have any to share?

Take care and stay happy.

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